Why do you need a General Contractor?

Most of the time, logically you’ll think why to hire a general contractor and pay extra when nothing is stopping you from hiring people and getting the material by yourself. Sometimes you’re right about that and other times General Contractors are indispensable. It all depends on the situation you are in. Let’s take a deeper dive to help you make this decision in the future.

Who are General Contractors?

To put it simply, they are responsible to get your project done, on time, within budget, up to the mark. They are hired to manage, coordinate and complete every aspect of the project. Their main benefit is the wealth of knowledge they come with on executing the project and jumping through the codes and compliance hoops. 

What do they do?

They hire and manage the sub-contractors needed for your project like electricians, plumbers, painters, flooring installers, etc. so you don’t have to do that yourself. General Contractors schedule them in a way that makes for the most efficient order use of time and money involved. They are likely getting better prices on materials and labor than you going to get that on your own, as they have their connections and know what good pricing and quality looks like for a specific material or job.

General contractors also take over all the administrative tasks. From paying for the materials and subcontractors, getting building permits to securing insurance wherever needed.  You also free up your time spent on micromanaging sub-contractors and chasing them down to get updates on your project. 

They also take responsibility for your project as you have only one person to pay. And only one person who you’ll be calling for all your problems if something goes wrong. After that, it’s on them after that whether to get outside help. And get in touch with the old subcontractor or the material provider. They also have a role in validation of certain material warranties like roofs, windows, furniture. That may be void if not installed by a certified contracting professional.

When to Hire a General Contractor?

Firstly, if your project involves codes and permits. You cannot obtain most of them by yourself as they require a registered professional. Secondly, if your project lasts more than a week. A General contractor can use their knowledge to figure when and for how long to hire a certain subcontractor. Keeping things moving smoothly. Lastly, if the project involves multiple sub-contractors. managing all of them by yourself will most certainly result in more headaches and more money spent. 

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to figure out if you need a General Contractor or not. You can do smaller jobs alone. But the bigger and more complicated project that involves codes, will last long. Or has multiple people involved, it’s better to involve a General Contractor.