Using Strong Emotional Intelligence to Manage Conflicts.


Conflict arises when there is a disagreement with oneself and with each other. Conflicts are mostly the product of disagreement between what we need and what we get. This can be irrespective of what is going to happen. This way when such a conflict arises, there are two ways to resolve them. One is by giving what we want or else through acceptance. This acceptance is what is achieved by emotional intelligence. Other ways of conflict are often disastrous. The one which happens between individuals with varied emotional intelligence wherein one can figure out while the other fails too.

Emotional Intelligence:

The IQ of a man is the most unique weapon anyone can ever design and deploy. Man’s brain is the most powerful target of anyone aiming for it. Now every action of a human is controlled by it. In this sense, the greatest mastery the mind could ever do is, create itself and rule it. Whenever a man does something, it is controlled by the mind. Now guess what will happen when we train it right. Yeah exactly, when one’s mind is trained right, he performs miracles. He will be able to put his mind in peace and make it enforced enough to rule whenever needed. This way one will be able to make or break anything. The conflict undertaken has a unique play with emotional intelligence getting involved in it. 

Role of Emotional Intelligence in conflict:

One’s mind is capable of controlling every other aspect of any material. In this way when it comes to a conflict involving two or more minds, the only thing that is stopping them from solving the issue is that all the minds involving the conflict saying different opinions that cause the issues. Now in this place, you need to be sure of one thing. Is the conflict actually worth it?  And if you would answer yes, it is about thinking why the opponent is not able to give in. In this place, it will deal with what either of the parties wants and what will be the final product. Now the role of emotional conflict is to evaluate what is actually worth most. Is it the fight or the time spent on fight or the reason for the fight that is worth it?

Managing Conflict:

Now the main effort in managing conflict comes when we deal with the persons causing the conflict. The conflict whatever it is isn’t solved by repeating what we think. The only way to solve the conflict is through mutual understanding and mutual compromising. In a competitive environment like the growing business or in the teamwork, the only way to resolve a conflict is by having a group discussion or a common meeting which is going to help people get what they are going to get. In this instance, we need to understand the needs, demands, and solutions. This way once after getting a steady input, all team members must work out and analyze what and who is going in and out. This way after one gets a steady statement of data, we must analyze and plan what we ever wanted.

Mental Preparation:

Now at the end of every conflict, not everyone gets what they wanted. In this case, mental preparation must come to a point where we get our minds into the state of acceptance for accepting whatever we get. When we come to a state of mutual benefit and solutions are on the verge, we must make sure the egoistic behavior or constant adamant behavior isn’t going to give any heed. So rather than being stubborn on one’s needs, it is beneficial to go as per mutual understandings. This goes well in teamwork. Whereas in business and competitive environment, one must anytime go for all activities that are fetching in success and must do all the mental preparation to work for it. 


The power of the human mind is enormous. Most of the time we don’t realize it until we experience. Every activity of the body and senses can be accessed by the human mind. Using emotional intelligence to manage things can actually score more than what we expected. You not only solve the issue for this time. We make mental preparation to not make it happen again.