Setting up the power wall right

frozen food power wall

When a potential customer walks into your store. He/she takes approximately 90 seconds to subconsciously decide whether to buy from your store or walk out. Now you want to display the best you’ve got in those 90 seconds. That sticks in the minds of the customer to make sure he/she stays. So for this office interior design is mandatory.

Now that’s where the power wall comes in. You use it to display your best products that captivate the customer and make sure he/she stays in your store. Now that you know what’s a power wall and why it’s needed let’s get on to how to make yours effective.

Command Attention

All the money you have spent in creating your powerwall is for nothing if it fails to capture the attention of a customer walking by. Make them stop, walk over to get a closer look at your products.

Turn to the Right

retail power wall

A big chunk of potential customers tends to turn to the right after entering a store. Use this tendency to make sure you place your wall in the right place. That makes the customers spend more time at your store. The longer they stay, the bigger the chance they will make a purchase.

Go all in

nike power wall

While sticking to your branding and keeping a sense of uniformity is good. It’s also important that your power wall stands out from displays in your store. One of the easier ways to make it stand out makes it bigger i.e. taller and wider with the simple logic in mind. The bigger it is the higher the chance of it being noticed.

Make your office interior more colorful

Color psychology plays a crucial role in a customer’s decisions to buy or not to buy. Colors can make the shopper feel something. Your choice of color can dictate how you want your customers to feel in a section of your store. For example, if you are a luxury store by using black you convey power and sleekness.

Light up the office interior design

clothing power wall

Those 90 seconds are important for you and you don’t want to leave any stones unturned. Give your power wall a literal spotlight if that’s what it takes to make it stand out. Or use different colored lightning maybe go with neon lights. With keeping the main goal in mind which is to make the power wall standout.

As a retailer, you want to use every tool available in your bel that captivates the customer in your brand’s story. With only 90 seconds to make an effective impression. The power wall is one of the best ways to go about it.