Go Colors

ProjectNew Store
LocationAlaknanda, New Delhi
ScopeTurnkey Interior Fitout
StartJuly, 2019
EndAugust, 2019

Go Colors is a clothing brand whose product range is made with the Indian women in mind, and has something for everyone – young, old, skinny, and plus-size. They want you to be your most comfortable self without compromising on style.

For the new store of Go Colors located in New Delhi, we wanted to create a space which would display their products really well and give maximum space for the staff and customers to move around. We used mostly white furniture and lighting so that it doesn’t clash with the vibrant colors of their clothes.

Turnkey interior fit-out is all about creating a ‘ready-to-use’ space for the client. We created a full space which is easy to access with inbuilt display units made out of glass which reflect well with the luminous walls and floor of the store.