Make your office space a green space

People who work in a “green” office, literally surrounded by plants, are happier. Compared to people in “lean” offices without live foliage. Green spaces promote better health of the employees. However, This can have a marked effect on our health and well-being while we’re in space. So, they can carry on to affect how they feel at home.

Green space means more focus and comfort

Greenery has a powerful effect on cognition. Numerous studies have found that having plants in view improves mental focus and memory. Increasingly, office designs are bringing the outdoors in.

Creating a green space where people gather for coffee or lunch gives balance to the workday. Plants add moisture to the air. In other words, This will help in an increase in humidity levels & lowers the overall temperature.

Aesthetics in office interior

In short, Plants can really improve the overall look of an office. No one wants to work in a plain, boring, dry environment surrounded by metal cabinets and plain white walls. Having green space adds a splash of color to the office.

Our clients are requesting workplace designs with abundant light, natural materials, indoor plants, and green zones to help create a healthier ambiance and to lower stress levels to assist with employee performance.

A holistic approach to sustainable living:

Green spaces, along with recycling and reducing the use of paper products. And offering public transportation incentives for employees. Join into the bigger picture of sustainability. And as companies begin to improve sustainability practices. They may be in for a larger cultural shift. People are more likely to take the job, enter into a rental agreement, or buy the property for a higher value. Talk to us about ways that you can add green spaces in your office design.