Interior Design in your Office

These days most of the offices are located in a sky-high building in the middle of the cities, packed around with similar tall buildings. In places like that. Access to nature let alone natural light is a challenge. Many professionals will give anything for an office with a view of a garden, ocean views, and even plain old sky. But the reality is far from it, they will end off with the views of similar grey, glass concrete building or worse, with no windows at all. Interior design is playing a vital role in every corporate segment.

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While compensations still lead at things most important to an employee but having satisfactory amenities, office workspace greatly affects an employee’s satisfaction with their current job. Higher satisfaction resulting in higher productivity and retention. To improve one’s workspace, natural light plays a key role.

Health benefits of Good Interior Design

Sunlight is a prime source of Vitamin D. For someone who is going to spend 35-45% of their lives working in an office. It is a good bet that natural light at their desk helps their productivity. Experts say that exposure to sunlight leads to better sleep cycles to improving the employee’s well being.

Energy Savings using Interior Design  

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More natural light means fewer light bulbs, hence more saving in the longer run. Especially during the day hours, the sun will be shining brightly. Greatly reducing the need of turning on a light. Even some studies have found the fluorescent lighting has adverse effects on health. 

Better Employee Productivity with Natural Light

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Multiple studies say eye strains and headaches in employees are significantly decreased in number when they are exposed to the right amount of sunlight. The more you emphasize the well being of your employees the more they will become productive. It’s even found that employees working next to the windows have a 2% increase in their productivity. Which doesn’t seem like a lot but accumulates to a great number over time.