Building the threshold zone right

Building a retail store that attracts customers has a lot of moving parts. One of the most important aspects of it is the Decompression or the threshold zone. It helps you set the tone for the rest of the journey for any prospective customers. If your store has more than one entrance, plan to build one of these at every entrance. Some little aspects make the difference between an effective threshold zone and one that deflects customers away.

Keep the interior office design open

Open and clean spaces make a customer feel welcomed. As good as the idea sounds of displaying your every good product at the entrance cause afterall that’s what the customer will see that first. It can make them want to get out of there and move on to the next store. Try to keep 10 – 15 feet of space from the entrance uncluttered, depending upon how much space you have.

Make sure they take a right

90% of the customers when entering a store, take a right. Make sure that’s where your best products are located. Even better, feature them on a power wall. Which is basically a wall featuring your best products.

Feature major attractions

Alongside your top products, install some new tech or street art that makes people stop and admire it for a moment before moving on. If you’re a clothing store, rotating mannequins help.

Specialized lighting

Lighting is the fourth dimension of your threshold zone. Use the kind of lightning that is slightly different from the rest of the store and highlights your products.

Choosing the right shop interior design

For most of the stores, shades of neutral colors will just do the trick. But you can experiment with accent colors, keep in mind to use them sparingly.

Threshold zones are where you have to show your ‘A Game’. Don’t just leave it up to chance, hire the experts who know how valuable every little aspect is to drive some more traffic to your store. We are doing this for almost a decade now but of course, you don’t want to trust us blindly. Our portfolio speaks for itself, check it out and if you like it, get in touch with us.